Security Guard & Firearm Training in Largo, Maryland

When it comes to security training, Main Line Protective Services, Inc. is the company to call. Email us for details on any of the following courses.

Homeland Security Training
Our 36-hour class is required to be a security officer in any federal building. We teach you:

• Professionalism in Security
• Sexual Harassment
• Workplace Violence
• Duty Patrols
• Uniform Requirements
• Bomb Threats
• Patrolling Access
• Federal Laws & Regulations
• Intrusion Detection
• Facility Safety Procedures
• Escort Security
• Civil Disturbances
• Incident Report Writing
• Hostage Situations & Negotiating
• Controlling Crowds
• Deterrence & Prevention
• Response to Incidents
CPR, Firearm Training in Largo, MD

Armed Officer Training
At the end of this 40-hour course, you receive a certificate and score sheet that shows proof you are trained in order to be an Armed Security Office. Training includes:

•Safety & Proper Handling
• Sight Alignment
• Live Fire
• Trigger Control
• Weapon Cleaning
• DC Laws & Regulations

Red Cross, CPR, First Aid, & AED Training
As certified instructors, we hold 6-8 hour courses needed to work on any federal government contract or for security agencies. Courses cover:
• Administration of CPR
• Applying First Aid
• Applying AED for Heart Attacks
• CPR for Illness or Choking
• Treating Injuries
• Controlling Bleeding
• Wrapping Wounds
• Heimlich Maneuver
• Reviving People

Baton Training
During a 4 or 8-hour class, you learn use of force, where to strike, baton safety, and using the baton to protect yourself or someone else while on duty only. Batons are not to be used off-duty.

OC Spray Training
This 4-hour class trains you in proper use of OC spray to apprehend a suspect. The spray allows you to take control of the situation but not cause bodily harm or death. You also learn proper administration and types of sprays for different uses, such as crowd control.

Handcuff Training
In this 4-hour class, officers learn how to apply handcuffs, when to use cuffs, and how to keep from injuring suspects.

Know your security guards or team are fully certified when you contact us in Largo, Maryland, to set up first aid, baton, or firearm training.